I Hear Music


Hello!  This is my drawing.  I’ll occasionally illustrate this blog with my own art work.  I’ll find other things to throw in as well.

I’m a huge music fan but my tastes are a bit wild, maybe eccentric.  As in much of my life, I certainly cast a large net.

I like everything, especially jazz and blues.  I’m not too studied on classical music but I get around to it now and then.

I’m in two musical groups.  Since 1992 or so I’ve been in The Don’t Look Now Jug Band.  Since 1998 or so I’ve been in The Space Band.

Both groups get together and play because we love to play music together. It’s all pretty informal.  Yet I have played in public, plenty.

Before these adventures, I used to do music for my improvised puppet shows (in-between the dialogue).

But yes, listening to music is one of the best things there is!  Wow!  Most of the time, I’ll be writing about lesser known, more obscure music.  There will be exceptions to this, of course.

I Hear Music is an old standard pop tune.  The most well known version is by Billie Holiday.  It was composed for the 1940 movie “Dancing on a Dime.”

The music’s by Burton Lane with lyrics by Frank Loesser.


Then there’s a pretty amazing clip of Sister Rosetta Tharpe singing “Up above my head, I hear music in the air…” :



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