Bob Marsh and Jack Wright

wright_marshJack Wright and Bob Marsh played here in Detroit last weekend.  It was at the CAID Gallery, behind Wayne State University, not far from my home.  They played two sets, some solo, mostly duets.

It was an excellent show, a lot of fun.  They play in that mode of unrestrained, loose, wild, free-form improvisational music. 

I’d see them play before, years ago.  Separately, I think, in other contexts.  With improvisers, it’s often a good thing to have played together for years.

The CAID’s a good space.  I’m currently in an exhibit there, as well as another exhibit at its sister gallery, The Ladybug.  Unfortunately, there was a small audience, only 10 or twelve people.  About half of these were my cohorts from the Space Band.  Of these, Jim Puntigam is an old friend of Bob’s and has played music with him, in times past.

Jack’s been doing improv music for nearly 40 years.  He’s a multi-instrumentalist whose main ax is the alto saxophone.  He’s also a good visual artist, judging by his painting on their CD cover.  It reminds me of some of my own work (a sort of surreal/abstract expressionist mode).

Bob plays cello and many other instruments.  These include unique instruments that he put together/designed himself.

I hope that they get to play the Detroit area more often.  Further information:


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