Kind Of Blue

actual size FIRST STATE 2007

Actual Sighs (in Blue) at 8 & a half by 11 inches from Sept. 2007 in its final state

I’ve read Ashley Kahn’s Kind of Blue book.  I’ve done other research about this record as well.  Yet I still haven’t heard the Kind of Blue bonus disc (with outtakes and a live version of So What). 

Suffice to say, this lives up to its reputation as a classic, a great record.  I’ve played it hundreds of times.  It’s always good “concentration music” to spin while drawing,  painting or writing.

Miles Davis on trumpet.  John Coltrane on tenor saxophone.  Cannonball Adderly on alto saxophone.  Jimmy Cobb on drums.  Paul Chambers on bass.  Bill Evans on piano.  Then on one cut, Freddie Freeloader, Wynton Kelly on piano.  1959.  Produced by Irving Townsend.  Jimmy Cobb is the only surviving musician from the session.

The drawing is from my “blue series.”  This one’s in color pencils, in a partial state and then “finished.”  Blue, the color of ocean, sky, of certain eyes.  Blue as “in the blues” and blue as certain flames…


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