The Mighty Sparrow

I’m a big fan of the Mighty Sparrow.  He’s often very sharp politically and socially.  He often very funny too.  Sometimes he’s outrageously funny.  You can’t quite believe what he’s singing.

Other times, songs don’t work as well.  He can be too serious or too frivolous.  Yet even here, there are dumb throw aways and great throw aways.  I have to admit that I’ve only scratched the surface of his lifetime output.

He is also called Slinger Francisco.   I once saw him perform at a free Summer concert in New York City.  It was a memorable show.

I know his earlier, classic work better than his newer stuff.  That 4 CD Ice Records set is wonderful (I’ve got 3 out of 4) plus I’ve got a few LPs on vinyl.  Long live the Mighty Sparrow!


lyrics to 1964’s Martin Luther King For President:

Barack the Magnificent:

The Ice Records Series:

Recent health problems and death rumors:

One of his songs deals hilariously with death rumors!


One Response to “The Mighty Sparrow”

  1. Oscar Pájaro Muñoz Says:

    En Barranquilla (Colombia) apreciamos mucho tu música y suena en la radio y bailes permanentemente desde los años 60s

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