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The Concerts by the River in Jefferson-Chalmers, Detroit

March 17, 2012

I lived in the Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood for close to 25 years, a good part of my life. These concerts were pretty wonderful. I got to most of these shows and others.

Frank Bach, John Sinclair, R.J. Spangler, James O’Donnell, Rick Steiger and my friends and my siblings were all part of the scene. There were also sorts of neighborhood people, and too, various Detroit music lovers in attendance.

The park’s by the Detroit River. There’s a canal off to the side, or there was. I haven’t been there in years. I’ve been back to the neighborhood, but not to the park. It was a beautiful thing and it a shines with golden memories. Some of those memories entered through the ears.

Just this line-up alone: Griot Galaxy and Bird-Trane-Sco Now. “Sco” was for Roscoe Mitchell. The young James Carter played in this band. Griot Galaxy is legendary and beloved.

Then the Detroit reunion show. The Sun Messengers opened, including some of my friends (previously mentioned). Then the All Star Band including Marcus Belgrave, Charles McPherson, Roy Brooks, Ken Cox and Will Austin! Wow!

People had picnics. Some even went swimming. I might have other posters or flyers for this. If so, I’ll post them as I find them.

Frank Bach played a big part in these shows:

“Frank also served on the board of the Creekside Community Development Corporation, using his experience in the music industry to lead the production of the annual Concerts By The River jazz series.” (from the site linked to below).;view=text

Jefferson Chalmers: