Music, It’s the Music!

mostly new york 153

I’ve been working on a post about Mario Bauza playing Clark Park in Detroit.   I hope to finish it soon.

I’ve been listening to old Cuban music including singer Benny Moré and conga drummer Chano Pozo.

I still play vinyl, audio-Cassettes and CDs. Most of my radio music-listening is local station WRCJ-FM, more for the jazz than the classical.

I listen to music online occasionally. I haven’t yet really moved over to MP3s, though I have “dabbled in them” a bit.

I hear a lot of jazz, blues and international/world music.

I hear rock, pop, hip hop, funk, oldies, folk and new pop too.  I cast a wide net.  I love a lot of music.  Earfood!  I could start naming names, but what’s the point.

R.I.P. Charlie Haden, Gerald Wilson, Alberta Adams, Horace Silver, Buddy DeFranco and too many others.

I’ll try to get back to posting more here in 2015.


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