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Gamelan Music of Indonesia

July 23, 2016
A Gamelan Orchestra,circa late 1800's.

A Gamelan Orchestra, East Java, circa late 1800’s.

I’ve long loved the Gamelan music.

I have a small collection of recordings on vinyl, cassette and CD.  One of my favorites is Music from the Morning of the World, recorded in Bali in 1966.

It’s wild and magical music.  It has its own unique sound and sense of rhythm.  I love the unusual instruments and orchestration as well.  It gets quiet at times.  The mood is slow, delicate and lyrical.  Other times it get quite frenzied and intense.  It’s very high energy.

I’d like to read a book or two about this music.  Then I’d like to listen to a lot of it, just bury myself in it.

Then, after intense study, maybe I’ll revisit this topic.  Someday I hope to follow up this post.


The Instruments:


Debussy and gamelan

A selection of Gamelan music out on CD:

I’m sure there are also non-CD recordings available, including plenty of downloads.

Robert E. Brown:

David Lewiston: