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November 22, 2016

This post will let you in on my creative process.  A lot of my poetry and song lyrics come from playing word games like this.  Sometimes I do so with pen and paper. Sometimes I just work them out in my head. Sometimes I use a dictionary, not this time though. Sometimes, like now, I go totally freestyle.  This list was written very quickly, in 10 or 15 minutes, on November 22, 2016.  My spontaneous mind is often very musical, in its way.

Riffing on the letters D and T, aka DT:

Delirium Tremens

Darn Tootin’

Deep Trouble

Dead Trout

Don’t Torture

Dastardly Trolls

Dangerous Times

Defensive Thinking

Dirty Tricks

Doom Train

Deadly Truths

Damned Tired

Dark Treats

Deliberate Tests

Delusional Theories

Dull Tunes

Dreary Tarantulas

Damaged Things

Doll Tales

Drunken Twerps

Dumb Toys

Deranged  Tomorrows

Dank Tombs

A Postscript:  Here are some runners-up and too the ones that I thought of later including Do Tell, Dog Tricks, Dream Time, Don’t Try, Deadly Toys, Down Time, Defensive Tackle, Deranged Threats and Dopey Theatre.